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The Zambia Integrated Lands Administration System

Introducing The Zambia Integrated Lands Administration System (ZILAS). 1. What is ZILAS? Click Here 2. How do I become a Member of Zamportal E-services? Click Here 3. How do i access the Zamportal E-services? Click Here 4. How do i pay for services on Zamportal? Click Here 5. Want to pay through zampay. Click Here Ministry of Lands - On Deployment of the Zambia Integrated Land...

Why Choose A Sole Agency When Selling Your House?

A lot of sellers believe that they are best served by appointing a number of agents to scrap over their house with the idea that this competitive system will bring the best agent to the fore with the best sale. In reality this does not happen and any prudent Seller would always employ a sole agent.  The reasons for this are fairly obvious: a)  Loyalty.  By appointing one person to handle your...

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