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Selling a property is a full-time job. It can be an emotional decision, but at the end of the day, you will need to make practical and informed choices. Getting the best possible price, accomplishing the sale within a targeted time-frame and navigating the sale process without any stress: these objectives and expectations are common across all sellers. We have successfully served the need of sellers looking to bag the best deal they can get. We make your property sale both financially (good profits) and emotionally rewarding for you.

A Snapshot Of The Sales Process

Are you presently in a seller’s or buyer’s market? Is this a good time of the year to sell or should you wait for a few months? A familiarity with your local real estate market is extremely helpful in answering when you should actually put your property on the market. In a buyer’s market where home prices are falling, you may just want to step back a little and wait for a while. You can capitalize on the spring time in the real estate marketplace or position your property more attractively during the less active winter months.

Next, you want to answer how much your property is worth. A home appraisal from an experienced real estate agent will help you fix a price. Important factors determining the price include the quality, look and feel of your home (exterior and interior) and prices at which comparable homes in your neighbourhood are going for.

After market value has been established and your property has been listed, it’s now time to market it! Here’s where you’ll find our service invaluable. We leverage traditional and online marketing solutions  – tastefully created fliers and signage, and compelling video streaming – to grab eyeballs to your property.

Once you start getting offers, reviewing them carefully, negotiating where necessary and taking the process forward smoothly will occupy your time. Again, we will provide full assistance throughout so you can reach a settlement with the buyer at a price you’re happy with. While your lawyer will also advise you on the contract of sale, we will liaise with the buyer on your behalf to ensure that the deposit and transfer of funds occur without any hitches.

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There’s never a better time to make key decisions on selling your home than now. Who better to guide you than local experts and real estate veterans with more years of industry experience?

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