Tenant Public Holiday Support

Dear our valued tenants/clients,

Homes Platinum Real Estate will be unavailable during the public holiday dates and times throughout the Calendar year:

During the festival season, the company will always close during the 3rd week of December and will re-open and be available in the second week of January.

Should you have any home emergencies during the time we are unavailable, please contact the appropriate services below to assist you:

Service & Maintenance Companies Holiday Support

Company: Platinum Plumbing
Contact number:
After Hours Locksmith
Contact name:
Contact number:

How to determine if your emergency is a serious emergency

Before calling one of the contractors above, it is important to know if your emergency is a serious emergency,
or if it can wait until the New Year to be resolved.

Serious emergencies include:

– A burst water service or serious water service leak

– A blocked or broken lavatory system

– A serious roof leak

– A gas leak

– A dangerous electrical fault

– Flooding or serious flood damage

– Serious storm, fire or impact damage

– A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises

– A failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance on the premises for hot water, cooking or heating

– A fault or damage that makes the premises unsafe or insecure

– A fault or damage likely to injure a person, damage property or unduly inconveniences a resident in gaining access to, or using the premises

Non-serious emergencies include:

– Minor leaking taps / toilet

– Blown light globes

– The loss of keys (call Locksmith at your own cost)

– Phone line / Internet issues

– DEFT / payment issues

If you require additional information, please refer to your tenant handbook.

Please note: the contractors you contact will assess if your request is an after hours emergency.

If a property manager is advised by the contractor that the request they attended was non-urgent, you will be liable for the full cost of the invoice received.

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