Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources Update on ZILAS SYSTEM

Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources

August 25, 2023

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources is pleased to share an update on the deployment of the Zambia Integrated Land Administration System (ZILAS) and backlog Clearance.
Addressing the press this morning, Hon. Dr. Elijah Muchima said all E-Services under the Ministry are progressing well, adding that all certificates of title issued before the new system was deployed are valid.

Some people are placing adverts online and in the newspaper offering a service to help property owners to conduct digital clearance.

The Ministry would like to inform members of the public that digital clearance is a free service offered to property owners who would like to conduct a secondary transaction.
The Ministry continues to encourage all clients to adopt the ZILAS system and access digital services and avoid unnecessary charges by agents.

The Ministry urges clients to interact more by visiting and give as much feedback as possible so that service delivery is improved.

As part of the Ministry’s continuous efforts to enhance service delivery, the Ministry will purchase more equipment such as laptops and scanners to help members of staff carry out their duties in an efficient manner.

The Ministry has also recognized the importance of persons with Disabilities and will introduce a mandatory field in ZILAS so that we can have statistics such as the number of Certificate of Title Held by People who are differently abled.

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