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Repairs and Maintenance

How Can We Help?

You can report repairs to us in a number of ways – the easiest and quickest way is to do it online using the form below.

Alternatively, you can call us on 00260-9749-50033  / +260-213-325061
Please note calls may be recorded for training or monitoring purposes and lines are open Monday to Friday from 06:00 Hrs – 18:00 Hrs

What Is The Decent Homes Standard?

A decent home is one that meets the current minimum standard for housing, is in a reasonable state for repair, has reasonably modern facilities and services and provides a reasonable degree of thermal comfort.

Why Make Homes Decent?

Decent homes are an essential part of a sustainable community. A home and the environment around it has a major impact on the physical and mental health and well being of those that live there.

Repairs and Maintenance – Who is responsible?
Tenants are expected to take care of their home and report any repairs or faults to Prima straight away.
The tenant is responsible for repairs such as unblocking sinks.

The table below shows who is responsible for what.

Please check the table below to see how long we have to complete repairs to your home.

Category of Repair Completion Timescale Details Examples
Emergency 24 Hours Where there is a serious risk to the tenant or the property Total loss of electricity or power, gas leaks, structural faults
Urgent 2 Days Loss of essential facilities, or likely to cause damage to the structure Roof leak, loss of water, partial loss of heating
Routine 21 Days Repairs that are without serious inconvenience Minor repairs, kitchen fittings, door, windows, floors
Planned Subject to Programme Major improvements Replacement kitchens, bathrooms, windows, boilers

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