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Conveyancing Process

Whether buying or selling a home/land you’ll need to make sure that the legal transfer of property ownership, also known as conveyancing, is managed by a professional property lawyer. Homes Platinum works with a panel of carefully selected property lawyers, and conveyancing firms so you can move forward with buying a property with confidence.

Benefits of using Homes Platinum

  • We have fixed fees so no hidden surprises
  • No Completion No Legal Fee if your sale falls through
  • Second search fee paid for if your sale doesn’t go through
  • We ensure we have full search information
  • We have fixed service level agreements so you’ll know what will happen when
  • You can instruct us immediately upon signing of Contract of Sale
  • Dedicated conveyancing specialists including a direct dial to the person handling your sale/purchase
  • We have a law firm who are able to act for every lender

Fixed fees

  • Homes Platinum charge only what is agreed at the start of a transaction and therefore you can budget with complete peace of mind. For a conveyancing fee schedule, contact us.

Full search information

  • We know you need to be aware of all the important information when you buy.

Dedicated conveyancing specialists

  • Many lawyers are still carrying out court work as well as Conveyancing which takes them out of the office and away from the phone.
  • We only work with dedicated specialists who will be there to help you and whose direct dial will be provided to you.
  • They will also ensure that at least one assistant is available so if they are already on the phone to a client you can still talk to someone who knows what is going on.

Lender panels

  • We have a law firm who are able to act for every lender so you can instruct with confidence knowing that our solution will be acceptable if you need mortgage finance.

The conveyancing process differs from property to property and the amount of time Homes Platinum will take will. However, We always guarantee 8 weeks period to have everything done. 

The Homes Platinum will advise you of any charges in advance of you instructing them. You can obtain a schedule of conveyancing costs. 

Homes Platinum employ qualified specialist property lawyers. You will also have a dedicated case handler and a direct contact details to ensure that there is always someone to talk to.

In the unlikely event that there is a problem you can call our office who will be able to liaise with the law firm and ensure that you are fully aware of any issues and what is being done to resolve matters and what timeline to expect.

Again this is unlikely but if this should occur you will not have any legal fees to pay and for sellers Homes Platinum Real Estate will immediately re-market the property to find alternative buyers. Our conveyancing service for buyers means you won’t even have to pay for search fees on a second property as we will pay these for you.

Until contracts are exchanged either party can withdraw at any time. There would be no legal fee to pay because of our No Sale No Legal Fee promise (excludes disbursements).

Sellers : NRC/ID copy, Signed Contract of sale, Signed Deed of Assignment, Copy of Certificate of Title/Title Deed, ZRA TPIN & Password. If its company selling, a certificate of incorporation or registration is needed. Ground Rent and Property Rates should be paid to avoid delays

Buyers : NRC/ID Copies. TPIN number. If its company, Certificate of Incorporation/registration. You also need to pay the search fee when you instruct us to avoid delays.

The Lands Act, Chapter 184 of the Laws of Zambia (the “Lands Act”) governs land tenure and administration of land in Zambia. All land in Zambia is vested in the President for and on behalf of the people of Zambia.

Zambia operates two (2) land tenure systems; leasehold tenure system and customary tenure system. Under the leasehold tenure system, land is controlled by the State and may be alienated to any eligible legal or natural persons. Under customary tenure, land is administered under customary law by chiefs who are the custodians of the land on behalf of the communities within their jurisdictions. Different customary laws apply to customary land depending on the customs of the people in each particular area.

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