Company Registration

Registration of a Zambian Company

We can recommend you lawyers or our own lawyers can help you register a Zambia company. It generally takes a few days to register a company at PACRA as the whole system has now been turned into Online. The minimum starting capital of the limited companies is 15000 ZMW.

If you need to register a company in Zambia, no matter for what purpose (business or just buying a property), we can help you do that fast and efficiently. Send us an enquiry for company registration today!

Why need to form a company?
If you are a foreign person and are not allowed by the Zambian Law to own as a physical person a property which comes with land, you can buy such a property in Zambia by registering a Zambian limited company. Read more about the purchase process and whether you are allowed to buy a property as a physical person on this link or send us an enquiry.

Properties that come with land are: houses with gardens, plots and in some cases, apartments/flats which go together with ideal parts of the land the block was built on. Company formation will also be needed for buying agricultural land, forests and other plots.

Forming a company in Zambia is a smooth and straight-forward procedure, which has been used by thousands of foreigners so far and we will help you go through it.

The company you register will own the property and you will own the company and its assets. There is no need to have a Zambia partner or manager of the company – any foreign person can register and own 100% of the shares of a Bulgarian company. It will be a regular limited company, which can also trade and you can do business with it if you wish. Tax conditions in Zambia are very favourable for starting a business.

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